Digital Lab Services

Lab Systems Success Management (LSSM)

Flexibility, adaptability, consistency: this is the power of LSSM. Your lab gets access to core services with a custom level of engagement, so you get only the support you need.

The finish line for most Laboratory Informatics Systems implementations is often the go-live date, when the keys are hand to the client and the vendor moves to the next project.  From this moment, a company’s systems stability and investment are at risk.  Whether the system is new or existing, a support structure is critical to the success of any lab software application.  A proactive approach will ensure that your team achieves the highest level of success in Return on Investment (ROI) and predictable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

U.S. HealthTek now offers a comprehensive solution that provides the expertise and bandwidth required to support your lab’s digital systems. Our Lab Systems Success Management (LSSM) program provides your company with a single point of contact for all your informatics run-support needs.

We function as an ongoing extension of your team, assuming responsibility for managing, administering and improving your digital lab systems. LSSM provides labs with crucial access to our entire toolbox – services, tools, and personnel – to fix any problem, upgrade any system, and improve any metric.


LSSM lets you share or shift the time and cost burden of administering, troubleshooting and enhancing your systems to an experienced, resource-ready team. But we’re not “consultants” — we are independent partners who act on your behalf as your trusted advisor, ensuring the best value-driven outcomes.

Empower your staff to focus on company-wide innovation, growth, and expansion.


Lab managers thrive from improved performance in their lab, lab techs are more productive because of immediate attention to issues in real time, and executives enjoy the success of a business with lower risk and cost. LSSM empowers the entire staff to focus on company innovation, growth, and expansion.

Contact us to learn more about our three-pronged approach (Production Management, Systems Administration, and Dynamic Enhancements) to LSSM and how it can navigate your lab to greater success.


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