Executive Team

Bryan Firestone

Bryan founded a consulting company in 2003 that quickly grew and was re-branded as U.S. HealthTek in 2013.  He has over 30 years of experience in the clinical and environmental laboratory space, holding the position of Chief Information Officer for American Medical Laboratories, TestAmerica Laboratories, Solstas Lab Partners, Healthscape Data and Drugscan.  Before founding U.S. HealthTek, he held senior management positions at National Health Laboratories, LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, and Clinical Pathology Laboratories.  In addition, he has several years of experience managing and automating a semi-conductor reliability testing lab for United Technologies.

Bryan founded U.S. HealthTek on the idea that productivity and efficiency could be provided to clients through experts with real-world IT experience – all without breaking the bank.  His personal commitment and the commitment of everyone at U.S. HealthTek remains to provide expert, quality service at affordable prices for our clients.

When Bryan has free time, he likes to golf, hike and is a budding apiarist!

Cristy Reiter

Cristy’s 25 years in the laboratory industry have been focused in laboratory sales management and operations. Before joining U.S. HealthTek, she served as Vice President of Sales at Spectrum Laboratory Network, Director of Business Development of Specialty Laboratories, Vice President of Operations at Clinical Pathology Laboratories (Virginia) and Senior Vice President of Sales at American Medical Laboratories.  Throughout her career she has overseen a variety of laboratory service components including Physician and Hospital Sales, Field Client Services, Client Service, Accessioning, Courier/Logistics and Phlebotomy.

As Chief Executive Officer, Cristy’s focus is on managing a financially lean, virtual company while reinvesting in product development.  She believes that hiring expert IT support should not be cost-prohibitive to our industry, and should instead allow clients a higher level productivity at a better ROI than by hiring full-time employees.

In addition to running U.S. HealthTek, Cristy’s passion lies in her kids and her 6 awesome dogs.

Robert Negosian

Robert considers himself lucky to have worked for over 25 years in the healthcare industry, because it’s one of the few industries that can have a direct impact on people’s lives. He’s worked in both Information Technology and Operations sectors and prides himself on his efforts to improve overall clinical outcomes not just for his clients, but for the patients they serve.

Robert’s work philosophy is that there is always room for an organization to improve its operations, and that the key to success is dependent on both technology and the right people. His work over the years with prominent world-leading laboratories, hospitals, physician offices and revenue cycle organizations has given him the opportunity to view all sides of the healthcare equation, so he knows that there is no single solution that works for everyone. He has a talent for quickly assessing problems and providing effective solutions, and always keeps a keen focus on ensuring a successful and reliable outcome for all parties.

A father of 3 daughters, Robert loves sports and spending time outdoors with his family. When they’re not at a soccer, softball, or swim event, you can find them out boating, riding, or camping together.

Mike Pratt

Mike brings 14 years of clinical laboratory sales, Hospital IT support and Health System ACO experience to our team. Before joining U.S. HealthTek in 2019, he was the Provider Network Relations Specialist for Saint Francis HealthCare Partners, ACO and the Trinity Health of New England hospital network. He cultivated and managed relationships with physicians, focusing on recruitment, network development and referral management. This experience has given him unique insight into the positive impact IT can have on the quality of care that patients receive.

“USHT’s commitment to continuous improvement, adaptability and doing what’s right for the client, ensures that clinical laboratory IT can have a positive impact on patient outcomes, and in turn, success for providers in a value-based healthcare system.”

He is passionate about giving his clients the opportunity to focus their attention on healthcare providers and their patients, knowing they are backed by the reliable, scalable and cost-effective solutions USHT is known for.

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