Dynamic Enhancements

Performance Plus: Enhance and adapt to changing goals

Realizing true business value is more than just implementing your Laboratory Informatics solution. In the throes of your implementation, attention tends to focus on features, details, and deadlines. However, to protect your investments, ensure continuity, and safeguard long term value attainment, you need to evolve and maintain your solution. Where most fail is in the realization that business value is:

  • Realized only after the solution has been put into production, is operating effectively, and has been adopted by the organization 
  • Sustained and increased through the effective ongoing management and continuous improvement of the solution

U.S. HealthTek’s LIS/LIMS Performance Plus service will address these challenges by maintaining a proactive role beyond the delivery phase to reflect our commitment to your value realization. Through the Dynamic Enhancements component of Performance Plus, our clients will have availability to leverage our team to either assist or execute scheduled activities, including but not limited to: master data builds and maintenance, additional/modification of laboratory workflows, instrument integration, and report modifications.

Customers with Performance Plus ensure that their organization has the expertise and bandwidth to keep their Laboratory Informatics Solutions up to date with their ever-changing business environment and attain the Maximum Value Point (MVP) of their investment.

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Performance Plus

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