Get overviews of core U.S. HealthTek capabilities here. For more details on any of these products or services, drop us a line at

Comprehensive Interface Solutions
From LOINC to Revenue Cycle Management and Cloud-Based Interfaces.

Virtual CIO
Get a seasoned executive on your staff, without the payroll expense.

Customer Management
CRM software designed specifically for labs.

Performance Plus Data Sheet

Performance Plus
LIS/LIMS Performance Plus is a comprehensive solution to cover all the needs of your digital lab systems.

Outreach Solutions
Improve customer service, get better financial control and stay in compliance.

Services to Ensure Success
Our core services and tools, tailored to organizations like yours.

Supply Ordering Solutions
Less paperwork means a stronger team and less wasted time.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Specialized planning and handling of unique IT needs and circumstances through M&As.

Health Portal
A robust toolkit that’s quick, accurate, easy-to-use and an invaluable asset for your company, clients and patients.