Project Management

At U.S. HealthTek, we come with a comprehensive understanding of the complex challenges you face daily, and we know that you need solutions to run your business at its full potential. We can help you navigate through the murky waters and bring you to a place where your growing medical company is running efficiently, expertly and with a healthy bottom line.

Whether it’s a custom software application or one of our proven software solutions, our proven project management methodologies and our long-term vendor relationships will save you time and money as we take you to project completion. Instead of putting another person on your payroll, we handle it all.

Laboratory Information System (LIS/LIMS) Conversions

At U.S. HealthTek, we are as comfortable taking the lead on a project as we are in simply assisting and filling potential gaps on your existing team. When working with LIS Conversions and Installations, we’ve done both.  We can work with you to facilitate installation of related infrastructure, conduct staff training, perform data conversions, develop and implement software, or you can hand it all over to us and we’ll take care of everything. Contact us today to get started.

 Laboratory Information System (LIS/LIMS) Implementations

LIS systems provide critical information that your clients count on, and are critical to the efficiency and accuracy of
any lab. Each member of our team of medical technologists has vast experience in the selection and implementation of medical lab systems of all sizes and capabilities. There are many roles to fill on an LIS or LIMS Project, and we can help with any one of those – or take care of all of them for you.  Drop us a line for more info. 

Our LIS/LIMS Performance Plus service gives you every tool in our toolbox, plus dedicated personnel, with just one comprehensive program. Read more about LIS/LIMS Performance Plus here.

U.S. HealthTek holds a STARLIMS™ Life Sciences Certification, allowing us to act as a collaborative partner in your company’s STARLIMS strategy. Through our hands-on knowledge and expertise, we proactively help you maximize your IT investments while you gain improved product quality and safety.
U.S. HealthTek provides L7 Informatics services that will improve lab operations through optimized efficiencies and data flow. From regulatory compliance and workflow optimizations to customized integrations, we provide an end-to-end transformation to meet the needs of today’s lab business environments and to give our clients a competitive edge.

Data Center Relocation

A data center relocation project can be a huge headache, and is clearly a job where experience counts. U.S. HealthTek can plan, assist or take the lead on any size or scope of data center relocation or other infrastructure-related project, including:

  • Relocation of Physical-to-Physical or Physical-to-Cloud systems
  • Evaluation of systems, including operating systems, capacity planning and security
  • Remote monitoring so your team can immediately and proactively handle any issue

Contact us today to get your relocation started. 

Equipment Upgrades

We are experts in taking advanced, complex and fail-safe system and network hardware upgrades and seamlessly integrating them into any current system. We’ve raised the efficiency and productivity of data centers of all types and sizes, and we always do it in the most cost-effective way possible. Contact us today and we’ll do the same for your systems. LET’S TALK.

Lab Instrument Interfaces

Traditionally, lab results are pushed to the client’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) at the mercy of the vendor’s specifications. The EMR vendor must accept unwanted, unsolicited results in their system to accommodate interfaces. U.S. HealthTek programmers are able to translate Laboratory Information System (LIS/LIMS) result information to vendor specifications, reducing requests for customized programming. Also available is turnkey interface development and project management.

We will handle the project from to A to Z, including:

  • Connect and test interfaces
  • Full hardware configuration
  • Result handling definition

Let us know your requirements and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Information Technology Assessments

U.S. HealthTek will conduct a thorough review of your medical lab’s current IT practices and procedures, complete with recommendations. We conduct IT data center reviews of hardware, networks, security, personnel, workflows, processes and procedures.  We can also come onsite, scrutinize systems, networks and documentation with your strategic goals in mind. After the thorough assessment, we’ll deliver a detailed recommendation for streamlining your lab’s processes, with tailor-made solutions to improve your efficiency, accuracy, and your bottom line.  GET STARTED>

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Customer Relationship Management is an important part of every business, but not all companies can afford its cost and implementation. With U.S. HealthTek’s CRM solution, you can easily build a tracking system with client contacts, client issues and resolutions. This robust software tool will give you invaluable insight into your team’s performance so that you can boost your bottom line. Learn more about CRM for medical labs. GO NOW>