Data Solutions

LOINC® Mapping and Coding

LOINC® (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes) is the universal standard for identifying clinical information in electronic lab reports.  Anything you test, measure or observe about a specimen has an associated LOINC® code. Mapping your local test codes to LOINC® codes will allow for the full interoperability of lab results between electronic health systems inside and outside of the health system, so no matter where your data is being transferred or received, your lab will meet the industry standard.

U.S. HealthTek brings a team of medical technologists who have a thorough knowledge of database configurations and different testing methodologies. The task of taking existing data test catalogs and mapping them to LOINC® identifiers is a huge job for anyone, but you can rest assured knowing that you have an expert on your team who can handle it with ease.

Our LOINC® services include:

  • LOINC® code mapping to the LOINC® database using proper attributes
  • Provision of a requirements template for exports of lab test menus
  • A test menu review and clarification with lab resources
  • Code merging to existing menus
  • Assistance with system updates
  • A high level of customer service that includes the accuracy and attention to detail critical to data mapping

Learn more about how we can handle your LOINC® mapping challenges, and let us get you to a solution, fast.

Our team spans a wide variety of medical technologists who are hand-picked leaders in their field. Our range of talent ensures that we can put together the perfect team to meet your specific needs, and our high level of service means that you’ll get expert advice with a focus on making sure that you’re always happy with the results.

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