Lab Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

While Mergers and Acquisitions are each unique, all have one commonality: the correct handling of IT departments is critical. U.S. HealthTek approaches M&As with a three-pronged approach. Contact us to learn how we can apply this strategy to your M&A.

Prepare: Create a Roadmap
We will assist you with the critical planning stage of a successful M&A, including these key points.

  • Allow adequate time for assimilation of new functionality into lab processes.
  • Select the right technology that aligns with both budget and growth potential.
  • Manage a balance of profitability and IT spending.
  • Manage in-progress contracts and stay clear of new ones to ensure optimal timing.

Process: Manage Goals
Once the roadmap is in place, we work with teams to execute smoothly against those goals, anticipating and avoiding potential setbacks.

  • Maintain confidentiality, including internal staff only on a need-to-know basis.
  • Manage staff stability as a priority. Once the word is out intellectual capital may walk, so having options must be in the plans.
  • Create the documents that a new buyer wants to see.
  • Know the buyer and what is important to them.

Post Process: Maintain Success
Our engagement with clients includes support throughout the entire process, to ensure a successful transition.

  • Transition current projects to the new team.
  • Retain key staff to maintain existing technology.
  • Assist in the transition of clients, technology and data from the acquired to the acquirer.
  • Make the transition as seamless as possible, with minimal client disruption.

Shoring up your lab’s IT offering before an M&A is increasingly important the closer your company gets to an acquisition. Engage our strategists early in discussions to make sure your company is ready for a smooth and efficient transition.