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Performance Plus: Comprehensive & customized to your lab

With this coverage, you’ll have the ability to focus on moving your company forward with the freedom of comprehensive coverage for your systems. The System Administration component of Performance Plus provides additional bandwidth to your system administrator, backfill a departed resource, or provide and option for a fully outsourced approach. U.S. HealthTek’s consultants bring a deep knowledge of science together with tech expertise and years of in-the-field experience.

Lab Knowledge Tech Expertise Field Experience

Extended support for your internal system administrator will provide them with space to focus on their most pressing goals. We can assist or completely own the responsibilities of:

  • Daily activities. Routing activities such as monitoring and response; ensuring systems are operating smoothly; monitoring background services; overseeing scheduling issues; and checking for error logs – all while keeping an experienced eye out for any potential problems. 
  • Event activities. Whether it’s a blip or a full-blown crisis, the IT team needs to react. We’re part of that team for everything from resetting passwords and troubleshooting errors, to interacting with your vendors for a successful outcome.
  • Maintenance activities. We make sure your systems are current with software updates, tracking issues, and other common maintenance events. Assisting customers with the promotion of resolutions in a production environment is especially critical and a valued part of this program. 

The best internal IT teams can be missing a crucial component that might be slowing them down. Our System Administration service avoids time spent in a trial-and-error situation where finding the solution can be elusive. Be able to arrive at the best solution in the quickest possible time.

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