We could talk all day about how we can help your lab with our suite of products and services, but in the end it’s our partners voices that really count. Read a few testimonials about how we’ve helped other companies with challenges just like yours.

  • "I was introduced to Lee Barnard through an industry colleague who was utilizing their services. Our original conversation centered around EHR integrations and the daily struggle that Bridge Diagnostics (and most labs) experience with this painful process... U.S. HealthTek stepped in to manage the entire process from start to finish, which resulted in a lower opportunity cost and a faster return on investment. ...This allowed us to focus on our key initiatives and bring new technology to the marketplace faster without adding staff. ...I highly recommend their service and partnership."
    Phil Horvath Chief Commercial Officer, Bridge Diagnostics
  • "DSI Medical envisioned a significant business expansion in service lines and advanced technology back in 2015. After exploring leaders in IT, we choose to partner with U.S. HealthTek because of their expertise with complex projects and sourcing specialized talent. USHT has been exceptional: knowledgeable, timely, responsive, forward-thinking, and they clearly communicate every step of the process. Our partnership continues today through their outstanding support, technical expertise, and exceptional staff."  
    Joseph F. Whelan Senior Vice President, DSI Medical
  •   “U.S. HealthTek is much more than an IT consulting company.  They are prepared to bring outstanding value to companies facing a broad spectrum of challenging issues. U.S. HealthTek’s team has unmatched depth and breadth of laboratory experience, allowing the company to deliver thoughtful, practical and cost-effective solutions to client needs. They hit the ground running on a wide range of projects from data center re-locations to interface project management to XP hardware upgrades to customized software development. U.S. HealthTek is a low-risk and high-reward option.”  
    David Weavil Former CEO, Solstas Lab Partners
  • "U.S. HealthTek has been instrumental in allowing us to meet project timelines by supplementing our customer-facing technical team.  Their resources quickly came up to speed on our spec and workflow, and we can count on them to work well with our customers. USHT helps us refine our customer-facing tools to make implementation more effective, and they helped us with a new interface engine that was critical to supporting our clients’ interface needs. They are a trusted resource for XIFIN."  
    Mike Coats Executive Vice President, XIFIN Inc.
  • “US HealthTek has TONS of experience in lab IT. They have been a valued member of several of our project teams in tackling difficult and complex projects. I can always count on U.S. HealthTek to be ready and to hit the ground running."  
    Carl Warner Former CIO, Cordent Laboratories
  • "US HealthTek does exceptional work. They are trusted experts in the space and are Luminate's 'go-to' partners. Not only are they dependable and knowledgeable in all aspects of lab technology, they are a wonderful team to work with!"  
    Shally Madan Co-Founder & COO, Luminate
  • “U.S. Healthtek is a cost-effective partner that I have come to rely on over the years.  The resources they provide are the most knowledgeable and experienced laboratory IT professionals in the business, hands down. Their CRM application is flexible and configurable while providing specific, valuable insight to our client interactions and sales pipeline.”  
    Vicki DiFrancesco CEO, Pathology, Inc.
  • “Drugscan has been successful in meeting demands for rapid and effective deployment of integrated technology with the expert services of U.S. HealthTek. They augmented our internal IT capabilities with Virtual CIO support, IT customer service and interface project management, and we engaged them to develop proprietary software that has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from other drug testing companies. USHT has been a reliable and valuable vendor partner which has been integral to our growth.”
    Anthony Costantino CEO, Drugscan
  • "Two years ago, we began a strategic initiative to upgrade our IT infrastructure. APG/PPL was introduced to U.S. HealthTek by another of our vendors. I was impressed from the start. Robert was extremely knowledgeable and helped us move to our goal. His expertise was also vital to the decision-making process for setting up our new platform. The U.S. HealthTek team really cares about our business, our clients and our success. They became part of our team and are a valued partner of our business. U.S. HealthTek has been knowledgeable, responsive and engaged in accomplishing the vision and goals for APG/PPL. I would highly recommend U.S. HealthTek to anyone."
    Charlyn Snow Administrator, APG PPL