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fulCRM: Our CRM Solution

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)* is an important part of every business, but not all companies can afford its cost and implementation. And those that have tried other expensive, over-the-top solutions realize that they are so complicated, they often cause more trouble than they’re worth. With fulCRM, U.S. HealthTek’s CRM solution, you can quickly and easily build customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction without the headache. Sales and service teams get an easy way to track contacts, issues and resolutions, and management gets invaluable visibility and insight into performance, so everyone can work together towards a better bottom line.


Some of the benefits of fulCRM:

  • Follow customer trends and issues
  • View client and representative data instantly, from any angle
  • Capture all activity in one convenient view
  • Get automatic reminders about follow-ups
  • Group, assign, track, and close incidents quickly and easily
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Customized for the laboratory industry in general, and for your company specifically

U.S. HealthTek’s fulCRM will improve relationships, raise retention and drive sales growth.  Call us today at  (855) 487-4822 or send us a note for a quick demo.

*Customer Relationship Management (CRM) relates to the strategies and technologies that companies use to manage their customer data and relationships. CRM software compiles customer info into one database, including contact info and background, sales and transaction history, and buying preferences and concerns. This lets a company automate certain tasks and alerts, and gives managers the ability to track performance and productivity across the company, in one convenient location.

The team at U.S. HealthTek knows a lot about customer relationships and good service. Our decades in the laboratory industry mean that we not only understand hardware and software, but also we understand the people behind the companies that use them.  We’re collaborative, we’re personal, and we’re here for you.