Business Solutions

NOC (Network Operations Center) Monitoring

A Proactive Approach to Monitoring your Network

U.S. HealthTek offers a NOC solution that is effective, scalable, and affordable. It’s a custom-built service for small- and mid-sized labs that combines advanced technology with a team to monitor what’s happening in your system real time – and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional NOC.

Not having a NOC in place is more expensive than having one — when a small problem isn’t dealt with quickly, it can become a big problem. This is where NOC monitoring saves the day.

  • Our NOC package is complete, comprehensive, and turnkey.
  • Our service can support your network, desktops, collaboration, servers, storage, cloud, and applications.
  • Our plan is cost-effective because there’s no investment in any hardware or equipment.
  • Our team reads every single alert to decide if it’s worthy of your time, based on metrics you decide.

Constant monitoring of your operation is vital not only in keeping it running smoothly, but in better serving your clients, patients, vendors, and even your own employees. We can help.

CRM Management Created for the Lab Industry

This is not the bulky, cumbersome CRM software you’re used to, and it’s not a messy Excel spreadsheet. Welcome to the middle ground, where you can get a customer tracking system that actually works. And we’ve customized it for the lab industry so it’s built for your specific needs, workflows, customer base and we’ll customize it further for your specific organization.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Customized for the lab industry
  • Further company customization is easy

U.S. HealthTek’s fulCRM will improve relationships, raise retention and drive sales growth.  Call us at  (855) 487-4822 or send us a note for a quick demo.