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Performance Plus: Direct support for end users

We offer unparalleled end-user support for your lab’s day-to-day operation so you and your team can focus on big-picture goals of the business and on customer-facing improvements that can help bring in more revenue. 

These become possible through on-demand, expert IT support that can quickly attack any issue large or small (L1, L2, L3). Once your issue is triaged, we deliver and promote the resolution according to your process. If the problem is more complex, no problem: we’ll immediately implement a contingency plan that will keep your system running smoothly in the interim until a long-term solution is found and implemented.  

A big value-add of Performance Plus is in its end-user support component. Our team not only provides knowledge transfer on incident resolution but also provides clarification and help on the correct use of your company’s systems. By providing this critical guidance, Performance Plus ensures high user adoption and team satisfaction, increasing your ROI and ramp-up time.

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Performance Plus

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