We’re Committed to Security  

We know you rely on us to protect your company and investments, and our priority is to ensure that your data is always stored and processed in a secure manner.  U.S. HealthTek is certified in the following security and platform standards:

  • SOC2
  • L7 Informatics
  • Nextgen Mirth

Our staff also holds individual certifications in:

  • AWS
  • PMP
  • ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt

Learn more about U.S. HealthTek’s commitment to HIPAA and SOC2 compliance standards.

Why It’s Important

Though these certifications are not required, they demonstrate the high level of security and expertise that we bring to each and every client and partner. Equally important, our compliance with security standards and privacy laws and regulations help ensure that you meet your own compliance requirements.

We hold SOC 2 certification to demonstrate our commitment to the strongest security controls possible. And as many compliance requirements (such as ISO, HIPAA, CLIA, NIST, GDPR and others) require SOC 2 certification, we’re ready to step in and handle these seamlessly for our clients. A SOC 2-certified partner gives you get peace of mind in knowing you’re working with a trusted, process-oriented firm, and the yearly SOC 2 audits give ongoing assurance of that trust.

HIPAA establishes mandatory standards for safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) and personal data. Combined with SOC2, HIPAA offers the highest assurances and confidence to protecting sensitive data for your company and your patients.

L7 Informatics services help us improve your operations through optimized efficiencies and data flow. From regulatory compliance and workflow optimizations to customized integrations, we provide an end-to-end transformation to give you a competitive edge.

U.S. HealthTek’s STARLIMS™ Life Sciences Certification allows us to act as a collaborative partner in your STARLIMS strategy. Through hands-on knowledge and expertise, we can help you maximize your IT investments while you gain improved product quality and safety.

The certification ensures that our team is highly trained in Mirth Connect features and functionality, and we’ve leveraged this training and experience to provide over 1000 secure and reliable integrations, amounting to millions of transactions processed between hospitals, labs, physician offices, payors, clearing houses, and more.  These have included instruments, segregated information systems, and analytics platforms, all for the purpose of improved operations and accountability.

Cloud computing is an essential part of just about every organization today, big or small. Our Amazon Web Services-certified staff are experts in the biggest cloud services platform in the industry, giving our clients healthcare IT experts who are also experts in cloud computing.

Project Management Professional certification means you’ll get team members who are experts in motivating and managing teams, and who are trained in agile, predictive and hybrid project management. What does this mean for you? They’ll bring your project to a successful launch with efficiency, speed and the utmost attention to detail.

Our American Society for Quality Six Sigma Black Belt certified team members have achieved a mastery in the discipline of quality. Put simply, this means U.S. HealthTek can help you quickly identify process issues that waste time and money, with a keen eye on efficiency and an improved bottom line. Six Sigma practices strive for the delivery of uniform and defect-free output 99.99966% of the time, helping us improve our clients’ business processes and efficiencies.

Want to learn more? Read our press release about SOC 2 and HIPAA certifications, learn about our commitment to HIPAA and SOC2 compliance standards, or reach out to us for a consult today on how we can help your business take advantage of these offerings and levels of expertise.