From EMR and Lab Instrument interfaces to LOINC© and Reference Lab Test Mapping.

Learn how our IT executives can quickly plug into your team at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house.

Maintenance, management, administration and optimization of your digital systems, so your team can focus on the bottom line.

A scalable, affordable solution combining technology with a team to monitor your system in real time.

Our proven methodologies and long-term vendor relationships will save you time and money.


Our portfolio of lab-focused IT services and products is as diverse as our experience and knowledge in the field. We work with lab data handling and data translations, offer NOC monitoring, set up secure file transfer and messaging services, offer CRM software and customer tracking tools, migrate systems and data, create custom software solutions for any challenge, and we provide virtual staff for companies who want to avoid the payroll addition. Whether you are looking for a quick, out-of-the-box solution, a proprietary software tool, or expert support staff, we can step in and help.

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Some of our clients focus on our years of experience, applying our depth of knowledge and real-world solutions to their growing companies. Others love the personal attention and commitment to every detail that goes with the knowledge that we are truly working with them as partners. But all of our clients count on our consistency in delivering successes time and time again, with great service, great solutions and great results.

20 Years of Service

For two decades U.S. HealthTek has served the healthcare industry with IT support in project management, custom software builds, virtual staff and everything in-between. Whether we’re facilitating a complicated M&A, optimizing services, connecting a new interface, or providing routine IT support, our proudest achievement has always been the rave reviews from our clients.

The key to our success is outstanding service, which we layer on top of cutting-edge solutions. And our growing list of partners means we’re growing too, expanding and getting ready for exciting new offerings to support our clients’ success in the next 20 years.

U.S. HealthTek 20 years

News & Articles

Meet the Team: Barbara Breeden

“Barbara adds a depth of experience to our team that is a perfect fit,” says Cristy Reiter, U.S. HealthTek CEO, about Barbara Breeden, a new Senior Business Analyst. “She brings to us a quarter century of expertise in anatomic pathology and precision oncology. And it’s crazy how quickly she’s acclimated and become a prized resource […]

The ADLM Conference: A Dynamic Meeting of Minds

By Karen Saldaña While other executives at U.S. HealthTek have been to what was the AACC Conference, this was a first for Mike Pratt, our VP of Sales and Marketing, and for me (attending as U.S. HealthTek’s COO). It was invigorating, inspiring, and it was either Las Vegas or Disney World for lab geeks, depending […]

COLA: Two Perspectives on a Successful Summit

COLA’s annual Laboratory Enrichment Forum brings a diverse group of lab professionals, who come together to share perspectives and ideas for solving challenges in lab medicine. In May, Mike Pratt and Lee Barnard participated in this year’s forum, a first for U.S. HealthTek, and it proved to be an invaluable event with interesting takeaways for […]