Data Solutions

Our team of medical technologists and IT professionals consists of individuals hand-picked from the industry. Each has robust experience with lab processing, interfacing, test dictionary maintenance, and LOINC® coding. We can complete your projects according to your needs, with professional results.

Reference Lab Test Mapping

Our team can provide assistance with all things data, including lab-to-lab test comparison and mapping, cross-referencing, updates for lab, HIS, and EMR systems, all of which are critical for a smooth operation. LEARN MORE

LOINC® Mapping and Coding

Learn how we can help you with LOINC® (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes) compliance, a critical component to your lab’s quality of services, including efficiency, accuracy and patient safety.  LEARN MORE

Data Translations

Medical data translation and migration has to be accurate and workable, which is why U.S. HealthTek offers expert help in translating data with a high level of accuracy and efficiency to help your bottom line. LEARN MORE