About Us

Meet U.S. HealthTek

U.S. HealthTek is made of an expert team of hand-picked medical technology professionals who start on Day 1 understanding what your challenges are. We’re proud of our health-care technology solutions, but what makes us even more unique are the faces behind the software and systems. Our goal is to make your work easier for you, to improve the quality of the services you offer, and to do it well.

The start of our company dates back as far as 2003, though our roots in the industry spread much deeper than that. Our team has years of experience in the medical technology field, so we know first-hand what the day-to-day is like for our partners. This lets us apply our experience and industry knowledge to providing business solutions that you can count on not just on paper, but in real life.  No detail is too small, and we pride ourselves on great service and great results in every project we take on.

And because U.S. HealthTek is a virtual company with low operating expenses and low overhead, we can pass along the savings by providing cost-effective solutions to you — whether it’s a software install or a consultant who is solving specific challenges while saving you from another payroll expense.

Our approach is simple: we partner with you, and we have a vested interest in your success. We’re collaborative, we’re personal, and we’re here for you.

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Contact U.S. HealthTek today at 855-487-4822 and learn how we can help your team run more smoothly, more efficiently, and more profitably.