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Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging for the Healthcare Community

Your medical staff’s ability to quickly and securely message any key member or stakeholder gives your entire organization a level of high visibility, fast access and state-of-the-art communication through a secure, safe and fast messaging service. Our full-featured secure messaging system makes contact lookup easy, and allows your team to communicate knowing that patient privacy and data is secure.

Give U.S. HealthTek a call at (855) 487-4822 or send us a message now and we can set up your own company’s messaging service so you can ensure that sensitive and critical information gets to the right people fast, securely and when you need it.

Don’t Waste Time on Supply Ordering

Processing and tracking supplies can be tedious, but are critical to your organization’s efficiency and productivity. U.S. HealthTek has a solution to the headache: an innovative program that will allow your team to spend less time pushing paper and more time doing the work that matters most.

Learn about our Supply Ordering Application and how it can save your company money, help it go green with less landfill and wast, and allow compliance with the Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law through automated monitoring and correlation of the quantity of supplies vs. the volume of specimens.