Health Portal

U.S. HealthTek’s Health Portal is a robust toolkit for healthcare professionals and labs that allows efficient and accurate handling of patient data at every stage.  Plus, to accommodate all parties, three modes optimize the portal’s view for physician offices, laboratories, and patients.

Efficient Data Handling

  • Efficiently process, bill, and order for individual records and large data groups  
  • Accommodate batch-mode ordering of recurring infectious disease control initiatives for educational and corporate institutions
  • Set up rapid processing and collection at a batch-mode level 
  • Quickly sort and filter by code(s) 
  • Scan sample barcodes as they are collected to associate them automatically with the patient 
  • Offers both standard and 2D barcoding print options  

Robust Notification Tools

  • SMS text or email notifications options to both patients and labs
  • Send group notifications based on result/critical values, or at an individual level for special circumstances
  • Automatically send notifications of completed results to patients 
  • The ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notice) form allows notification to patients whether tests are completed or not 
    • ABN can be triggered based on a test code or on LCD/NCD (Local and National Coverage Determinations)
    • ABN can be auto-populated with set pricing based on test map information 
  • Allows assignments to be easily routed to phlebotomy 

Secure and Comprehensive

  • Securely scan, store and base-encode license and health card images 
  • Easily track client contact history
  • Capture and quickly present analytical information
  • Transactional data is available in real-time for executive and operational dashboards

To learn how U.S. HealthTek’s Health Portal can work for your organization, please reach out and we’ll be glad to tell you more.