U.S. HealthTek is a leader in the healthcare industry, serving laboratories with a wide range of services, from operations and informatics to system support and maintenance. Our seasoned professionals have decades of experience working hands-on in the field, so our clients get the benefit of CIO executives and staff with specific knowledge and expertise on the issues they see every day.

How are we different?

Our group of professionals is dedicated first and foremost to serving our clients, giving them honest, thorough recommendations and options, all backed by a breadth of experience and first-hand knowledge. We combine technical, strategic, and practical viewpoints to help us solve problems, improve systems, and find solutions for any issue, project or challenge. We’re collaborative, hard-working, honest, and dedicated to giving you real-world options for the best possible path for your business.

What services do we offer? 

Our expertise is in the efficacy, optimization, upgrading and maintenance of a laboratory’s digital systems. This includes interface management, data mapping and coding, NOC monitoring, systems support and maintenance and help with mergers and acquisitions.

Why choose U.S. HealthTek?

Our first-time clients quickly grow to become repeat customers, which we think speaks volumes about our effectiveness, customer service, and efficiency. Read what our partners have to say, or drop us a line and let us know how we can help.